About Pirates

The Pirate Party is a young international political movement that fights for real transparency and responsibility in politics, easier access to information, direct democracy, freedom of information and copyright reform. For a long while there has been a real need for a new political party that puts issues like information, technology, privacy and freedom of speech at the forefront of its policy.

  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Privacy
  • Freedom of information
  • Direct Democracy


The international movement of The Pirate Party was founded in Sweden in 2006, and subsequently, Pirate Parties have been founded in over 60 countries. Since its foundation, the importance of The Pirate Party movement has continued to grow because most people today use the internet in their daily lives and have what can be called a second home online. Legislation of digital freedom has not evolved alongside the reality that personal information and internet usage plays an ever growing role in our daily lives. It is therefore important that civil liberties are respected both online and offline. The Pirate Party is a place for all who wish to participate in shaping their society online and offline and discussing changes in a free and unhindered way with the help of technology.

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All meetings of the organization are open, you are welcome to attend and meet us. Discussions also takes place on the internet and elections of candidates and policies take place on our open democratic election website x.piratar.is.


We gladly accept contributions (Icelandic residents and companies only):

Social security number: 461212-0690
Account number: 1161-26-4612