Pirates believe it to be vital to a functioning democracy that the public be able to participate in the decision making process when matters being decided upon are of direct concern to them. Pirates do not endorse the idea of the public having to assign a vote that is then fixed for four years at a time. Pirates have, for this reason, created a voting system for the purpose of guaranteeing that these decision making processes are made as inclusive and therefore democratic as is possible with the technology we have available to us. We ask that you keep your vote fluid and help us build a genuinely democratic society.



Pirates believe that members of the public should have access to all the pertinent information required to make informed decisions, enabling them to give the administration the level of oversight that is necessary. Without transparency there can be no true democracy. In the absence of transparency we are unable to make decisions about public finances, we cannot prevent corruption and individuals cannot not be held accountable.


In the Western world one subjective phenomenon has done more to justify censorship, spying and Internet restrictions, than any other. This phenomenon is copyright. Copyright, or at least in its traditional sense, has become a serious threat to free communication, irrespective of whether people are doing something legal or illegal. Pirates are not against copyright, but it is obvious that it needs to be updated.


Pirates seek to go the same route as Portugal when it comes to drug policy. This policy aims to help people who have a drug problem in a humane way. Instead of directing drug addicts to the judiciary, we want to direct them towards the healthcare system, help them deal with their addiction and make them healthy contributors to society again.


Pirates understand that the education system needs to be updated as a whole. Society and the education system need to be in harmony from kindergarten to university. The purpose of the education system is to teach people how society functions and how to create new knowledge. Too many people graduate from university without the opportunity to find a job in their field. This is something Pirates want to fix by making education on all levels more diverse, flexible, connected to the internet and directly connected to society. Pirates want sex education to be manditory as a separate subject in primary school, where there will be an emphasis on mutual respect, communication, and informed consent.


Pirates view equality as a question of fundamental human rights which should be guaranteed by law and by society. It is not enough that individuals have legal protection against one form of discrimination while another form thrives undisturbed in society – and inequality will never be rooted out completely through legislation alone; people’s attitudes need to be worked on by all possible means. Pirates dislike all stereotypes and delusions about individual groups in society that prevent people from thriving on their own terms. Pirates want not just tolerance but for everyone to be accepted and appreciated.


Pirates stand for transparency and direct democracy. Therefore we want the whole accession process to be open and for all information to be available. The public should then make a well-informed decision via a binding referendum. It is not the role of political parties to decide for or against EU membership, but they should be prepared for either decision.


Pirates want to amend the constitution in a way that is materially identical to The Constitutional Council’s proposed bill.


Pirates want the legitimacy of indexed loans to be assessed and Pirates will back up debtors in pursuing their rights. If loans turn out to be illegitimate, court rulings must be carried out. So-called key-laws should allow debtors who choose so to pay their mortgages by turning their property over to the bank. Stamp duties and lending charges shall be at a fixed and normal rate so that debtors can change their lending institutions if they so choose so that a normal consumer market can be established. Preepayment fees should be forbidden in new loan contracts. People generally should not be declared bankrupt because of a financial collapse that their lender caused.


Large corporations have received far too much attention in recent years. 99% of companies in Iceland are small or medium sized. Pirates want to improve conditions for small industry via a simplified framework. Pirates see the opportunities that the Internet economy provides. By designing an optimum environment for the Internet, the market for current and future companies in Iceland grows much larger and employment opportunities increase.


Pirates want to bind a minimum living wage standard into law. Everyone deserves a decent income in a wealthy country. The welfare system needs to be simplified and those who receive benefits, be it invalids, the disabled, the elderly or the unemployed, need varied employment, recreation, and educational opportunities. Conditions on the rent market should be improved in order to make housing that’s emptied and unoccupied available on the common market.


About Pirate Party policy making:


The Pirate Party’s core policy is the foundation that Pirates comply with in all policy making. All new policies shall be written with the core policy in mind. The core policy is considered a guiding policy to standardize all other policy changes within the party. The core policy is the anchor of all policy and all new policies are based upon it. Pirates should be able to argue their opinion by quoting the core policy in order for a proposal to be made a party policy.


Pirates use a voting system on the internet to settle disputes and to reach a conclusion, in conjunction with issue meetings and executive meetings away from keyboard. This is the main security measure Pirates use to make sure that everyone can participate in Pirate issues. Policies are amongst the things that are voted for in the voting system, where all accepted policies are published.