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Updated Q&A – 7 April – Icelandic Pirate Party MPs

What do you predict will happen next? The coalition government has reshuffled its cabinet; The Prime Minister has left the stage and the Progressive Party has appointed the Fisheries Minister as their new PM. Bjarni Benediktsson, the incumbent Finance Minister will not resign despite vocal calls from the general public for him to do so. […] Nánar

Copyright holders reach an agreement with Icelandic ISPs to block The Pirate Bay and Deildu

Last year (October 14), the Reykjavík District Court issued an injunction to the effect that certain internet service providers (Vodafone and Hringdu) were ordered to block the access of their customers to five domains;,,, and The injunction was issued pursuant to a lawsuit filed by the Performing Rights Society of […] Nánar

Press Release: Pirates entering Reykjavík City Council

The Icelandic Pirate Party received one member of City council after the latest municpality elections, which took place the 31st of May 2014. The Icelandic Pirate Party were running in four municipalities, Reykjavík, Hafnarfjörður, Kópavogur and Reykjanesbær. The Pirate Party in Reykjavík received 5,9% in the elections and are as a result entering the city […] Nánar

English translation in progress

In keeping with our international status, we have decided to take the long-due step of translating the party’s web site into English. We are crowdsourcing the translation and will do this on the fly. Policies and other critical information is first up for translation. If you want to help us with this project, please be […] Nánar
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